About Us

About us

Eterea Memorial jewelry is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada. Our pendants are made with the highest quality materials, completely customizable, and laser welded for a guaranteed seal. 

Our story

The brand came to life after the founders both experienced the loss of one of their close relatives. They looked for a way to honor their loved ones that fit with their modern lifestyle.

Cremation has recently become a more popular option over burial, but many people are often left unsure of what to do with the cremated remains of their loved ones. Eterea Memorial jewelry provides a meaningful way to memorialize loved ones requiring only small commitment of ashes. 

Our mission

It is our mission to offer those grieving a loss with a modern, yet personal way to honor their loved one's memory. We incorporate the cremated remains of our customers loved ones into custom designed pendants so they can keep them close by in a unique, timeless heirloom.